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Proje çalışmaları kapsamındaki yazılı mülakatların gerçekleştirilmesi amacıyla yaklaşık 3500 akademisyene mülakat soruları bir davet mektubu ile gönderilmiştir.  Söz konusu davet mektubu aşağıdadır.




We are getting in touch with you as a part of a project titled, “Current Debates on Human Rights Law” which has been conducted by Social Sciences University of Ankara since 2018.

The Project covers different human rights issues like the horizontal effect of constitutional rights, net neutrality in terms of comparative constitutional law, the environmental rights from the human rights perspective and universal human rights vis a vis the human rights determined through the culture and customs of different civilizations. 

In order to reach current debates on human rights easily we have participated in different congresses and summer school, like “The European System of Human Rights Protection” held in Viadrina University Frankfurt (Oder) in July 2018 and also a World Congress of IACL(International Association of Constitutional Law) held in South Korea in June 2018.

One of the most important parts of our project is to collate written-interviews to determine conflicting and overlapping issues as to the concept of human rights in different part of the world from "universal human rights concept" perspective. With a great respect to your studies in this field, we would like to make a written-interview with you about human rights protection mechanisms in your country's legal system.

We would be much appreciated and it would be beneficial for our research project if you could respond to all our questions. However, we would also be grateful if you could answer some of our questions concerning your subject area. You can also send us your relevant documents concerning the questions. You could also add some web page links and article links within your answers. These would help broaden our perspective.

The answers are intended to be written in English, but if this prevents you from answering, you can reply in any European Language or in your own language. Please do not hesitate to contact us to clarify any question marks concerning the questions or if you need any further information.

We would be grateful if you could post about a one-minute video for the last question. We would like to present these videos which will be collected from academicians from different countries at the final symposium/panel of our research project. If you'd like to participate, you can send your video to these addresses; via skype, ID: ezgi-fulya which is connected to or +90 0541 801 00 32 (via whatsapp)

The issue how we evaluate the responses of the interview from workshops to conference and from papers to a book will depend on the quantity and quality of possible answers.

The deadline to participate the interview is the end of August 2019. We are going to inform you for the next step after analyzing the written interviews and to ask you kindly for your possible participation of this part.

Thank you in advance for your interest and support.

Yours sincerely.


Dr. Neyire Akpınarlı (Associate Professor)

Dr. Mehmet Çatlı (Associate Professor)

Dilara Dönmezkuş (Research Assistant)

Ezgi Fulya Akkuş (Research Assistant)

P.S  We would be much appreciated and it would be beneficial for our research project, if you could inform us about the institutes or academicians in your university/faculty or in any other university in your country who would you be interested in collaborating with our research and with whom we can realize this interview."





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